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BizGuard ID


BizGuard ID is designed to be a turn-key, low cost, affinity marketing solution designed to support both consumers and businesses from the impacts of identity theft and data breaches.  The Smart ID value propositions includes:

  • Affinity Marketing for Consumers - through customer, employee or member benefit programs 

  • BizGuard ID for Business (BGID4B) - provides SMB's with data breach planning and response through affinity programs. 

  • Data Breach Risk Management & Response - for covered businesses that experience a data breach even.




Small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB's) are now the leading cause of data breach victims, with over 58 percent of all victims resulting from an SMB breach.

Did you know?

  • Data breaches cost businesses $233 per lost or stolen record.

  • Two-thirds of small businesses fail to act following a cyber security incident.

  • 16.7 million Americans fell victim to ID Theft in 2017, the highest number ever recorded!

  • 66% of small businesses that experience a data breach go out of business within 12 months. 

In addition, the current regulatory landscape is not maintaining pace with rapidly changing technologies.  Businesses face a gauntlet of 50 different state breach notification laws, which are changing at an unprecedented pace leaving even diligent small businesses unable to stay current with this patchwork of laws with varying levels of protection required. 


Given the current cybersecurity environment it's clear that no businesses can ever completely prevent itself from experiencing a data breach even, therefore response and recovery are the answer. 

In the event of identity theft or a data breach incident, BizGuard ID provides one-on-one attention from a dedicated, experienced, certified, US-based Recovery Advocate.  The Recovery Advocate will manage the entire process on the victims' behalf, from start to finish, working with all required entities.

Primary benefits include:

  • Attract new business accounts

  • Improve business account retention

  • Differentiate form the competition

  • Create a new source of recurring revenue


Pre-Breach Services & Planning Tools

  • Dark Web Monitoring

  • Information Governance Self Assessment

  • Information Governance Template Policy

  • Data Breach Incident Checklist

  • Monthly Cyber Security Trends Email

  • Quarterly Cyber Security Training

  • Quarterly Cyber Security Newsletter

Post-Breach Response Services

  • Legal Consultation (Ensuring Critical Attorney-Client Privilege)

  • State and Federal Compliance Assessment

  • Creation of Response Plan and Timeline by a Highly -Qualified Attorney

  • Recommended Notification Letters

  • Industry-leading Fully-managed Victim Recovery 


  • Fully-managed Recovery - Provides a dedicated and certified Recovery Advocate to perform all tasks necessary to restore victim's identities to pre-event status

  • Single or 3-bureau credit report, score & monitoring

  • Dark Web Monitoring

  • Instant Inquiry Alerts

  • Many additional features available...

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