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We are the Trusted Credit Monitoring Reseller

Searching for a new way to differentiate your firm?

Members can instantly check their credit rating score against the industry’s largest agencies to keep tabs on their score and to remain watchful for suspicious changes. These services are available at any time and from most devices.

Many consumers believe credit reports---including their credit scores and continuous monitoring-- provide a core identity protection service. Members can get an instant credit report and score from Equifax, TransUnion and Experian.  

Credit Monitoring

Enfortra’s proactive leading-edge technology allows for private label credit monitoring that easily facilitates an awareness of suspicious activity or signs of personal and financial information being illegally retrieved.

Members get instantly alerted to significant changes or activity related to their credit or credit score which is often the first sign that an identity theft has occurred. Provide your member with peace of mind that their credit profile is being monitored 24/7/365 for new activity.

Score Tracker

Empower your members by providing Score Tracker which provides a monthly update of the most important element affecting their credit profile-their credit score. This tool enables your members to easily see changes and trends to credit scores throughout the year and alerts them to significant changes that could be an indicator of fraud. 


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  • What shall we do when we come to know that identity theft has taken place?
    In such a case, close all your files and access them temporarily. The next step will be to file the fraud, which has taken place immediately.
  • How does the thief make a theft?
    Theft is a trained person who is aware of all forms of technology and computer know-how. The thief can fetch the details by knowing your identity; your mail is a second source from where all the data can be extracted. Also, there are some spam mails by which the hacker can falsely take away your personal social security number. This can be done both online as well as offline. In some cases, the data can also be sealed from the business.
  • What are you liable for if your identity is stolen?
    There is no liability or fund you will be asked to pay. The act is done on an involuntary basis, and it is a case of theft and farudlugelent. Someone else using your information without your permission is an offense and cybercrime.
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