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Identity Theft Protection

Business Identity Theft Protection Solutions

Why do People Need Identity Theft Monitoring for Business?

business identity theft protection

Why do so many people talk about the importance of Business Identity Theft Protection Solutions nowadays? Identity theft is at an all-time high, affecting 1 in every 4 people. It’s a crime of opportunity that victimizes, often indiscriminately, and can lead to financial ruin. Unfortunately, identity theft can also stand in the way of purchasing or refinancing a home, acquiring a vehicle, leasing a mobile phone, or even opening a legitimate bank account. Enfortra is changing that by delivering best-in-class Credit and Identity Protection Solutions along with a powerful marketing tool for your business.

Enfortra provides your organization with software and services like daily credit monitoring, identity protection, and restoration. By offering valuable identity theft monitoring for business solutions directly to your clientele using your name and branding, your organization automatically builds recognition and trust while creating peace of mind. Our solutions are 100% secure and scalable, and best of all they offer an opportunity for your organization to capture recurring revenue. When members receive an email from the organization that protects their identity, they are more likely to engage, which means that partnering with Enfortra means you have the full attention of your members.


Our list of Identity Theft Business Solution offerings include a $1M Zero Deductible theft insurance policy, real time reporting from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax, financial health controls, and identity theft controls. What’s more, the Enfortra system is self-contained, giving you complete operational control, and the capability to modify your system-level offerings at any time.   


Partnering with Enfortra ensures that members of your organization are always prioritized and protected, while also fortifying your direct relationship with them. Contact us as soon as possible to learn how your organization can benefit from our Business Identity Theft Protection Solutions.

Join the many proactive companies who have enrolled in identity monitoring to safeguard their people from a growing threat.

Profit by bringing World-Class ID Protection to your staff or customers

Customizable Solutions; Comprehensive Security.

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