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Not only are you entrusted with your customers most sensitive information, you and your customers are the most likely targets of cyber crime.  Fraud, identity theft, and cyber attacks occur daily – it’s a matter of “when, not if” it will happen to your organization and your customers.  


According to the Department of Justice, victims of identity theft claimed an average loss of $7700 in 2014 with 86% of identity theft crimes involving existing credit card and bank accounts.  Financial institutions are losing billions every year as they work to address their customers' issues.  In addition, there is the potential damage to your organization’s reputation.


An Identity Protection solution from Enfortra will work to protect both your customers and your organization.  Nearly half of identity theft victims don’t know about the problem until their bank notifies them. Our solutions provide the monitoring, alerts and proactive approach that makes early detection possible, minimizing the potential loss.  You’ll save time and money as well, while becoming an increasingly trusted partner to your most valuable asset – your customers.


Additionally, our platform provides you complete control and full ownership of all of your customers’ data. 

Through our service, your customers receive:


As our partner, you’ll get:

  • A platform that is simple to manage

  • Your choice of white label, co-brand or direct branding

  • Automated reporting

  • And most importantly, you own and maintain complete control over your customers’ data!


> Solutions For Banks & Credit Unions.pdf

Find out how an Identity Protection solution from Enfortra can help protect you and your customers.

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