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In the United States, identity theft is on the rise.  Everyone is sharing information and purchasing products online making it easier for criminals to get their hands on sensitive personal information.  Data collected from sources such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the United States Census Bureau provides a better picture of how widespread identity theft has become.  

In 2014, roughly 12.7 million American adults fell victims to identity theft. This means 1 out of 20 adults in the United States have had their identities stolen, and these figures are only from people who realized they were victims and reported it.  An important reminder is that these figures do not include child identity theft.  Children are common targets for identity theft because they are not taking out lines of credit so their credit reports and credit scores often go unchecked. 

Data breaches can also result in your identity being stolen.  In 2017, Equifax was hit by one of the worst data breaches ever compromising sensitive personal information of more than 143 million Americans making it more apparent to consumers that the risk of identity theft is all too real.  Equifax is one of the three nationwide credit-reporting companies that both tracks and rates the financial history of U.S. consumers.  So when more than 143 million Americans are compromised, what is there to be done? 

The threat of identity theft is very real.  Enfortra adds value to your enterprise by making it possible for you to bring leading-edge identity protection and fraud detection products direct to your market.

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