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The most important subject for a parent today is having peace of mind knowing your children and family are protected and safe. Statistics show that identity theft is America’s fastest growing crime with a victim being affected by it every two seconds. As parents, we take all precautions necessary when it comes to our home, the cars we drive, and quality health care.  But, are we doing everything that needs to be done to protect our digital footprints?  

Surprisingly, identity theft towards children is on the rise.  As a matter of fact, they are often targeted by criminals because with a child’s lack of or clean credit history, any fraudulent activity can go undetected and unnoticed for years.  Once children reach the age of 18, they could very well have problems applying for financial aid, credit cards, or even renting an apartment.  Enfortra’s proactive solutions offer your members and users a system that helps safeguard and fortify your family against identity theft and credit fraud.  Rest assured, Enforta’s dedicated team and specialists are qualified to detect, alert, and restore your member's identity.

Join the many proactive companies who have enrolled in identity monitoring to safeguard their members from a growing threat.

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