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Credit Fraud Protection Services



2016 saw over $15 billion in losses stolen from 14 million Americans. The recent Equifax breach alone affected more over 140 million people. Enfortra guards against Identity Theft by continually monitoring credit agencies for unusual activity for credit fraud protection services. Alerts are instantly issued to keep customer’s actively aware against potential threats or breaches.


Proactively securing private information is the cornerstone of solid identity protection. With cutting edge solutions, Enfortra helps quickly manage data breaches with tools aimed at restoring your member’s personal and financial confidence. 

Solid Brand Association

Bring this valuable protection to your members under your name, adding strong brand awareness and complimenting your other services. 

Enfortra offers its partners the most advanced and impreccable Credit Fraud Protection Services. If you are concerned about identity theft of credit data, Enfortra's solutions can help your members stay protected. We are committed to offering optimal Identity Protection in this fully digitized world.

Our Data Guard Services assist your members in securing optimal customer loyalty along with high productivity. Enfortra leaves nothing to guesswork by providing its partners with the right tools and solutions to prevent data breaches in a faultless and sustainable way. 

The quality of our Credit Fraud Protection Services has afforded us a large member base. You don't need to pay a high price for our solutions because our prices are the most competitive in the industry.

Enfortra delivers best-in-class credit & ID protection distributed through your brand.

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