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[Alert] Data Leak: 80 Million US Households

Mega breeches are becoming all too common. From the the billion email address and passwords that were leaked in January, to the “March Madness” of 763,117,241 people that had their records leaked, to the latest data breach of 80 million US households details. What has our cyber world come to?

It emerged that two security researchers discovered an unsecured database belonging to an unknown organization had exposed 80 million US households’ details. According to Statista, this translates to nearly half of all US households (which is astronomical).

The personal information, 24 GB worth, found in the large database included a variety of leaked uncoded data including:

-Full addresses, including street addresses, cities, counties, states, and zip codes

Exact longitude and latitude

-Full names, including first, last, and middle initial


-Date of birth

The database also contained coded information including:



-Marital status


-Homeowner status

-Dwelling type

The identity of the database owner (hosted on a Microsoft cloud server) is still unknown but believed to be an insurance, health care or mortgage company due to the fact the exposed information are of people ages 40 and older.

Once again, the cyber world reminds us of the importance of cyber safety and the protection of personal information. Consumer safety (protecting sensitive personal information) should be of the utmost importance. If the hacked information was accessed by cybercriminals, the information could potentially be used to defraud the people in the database, which could lead to identity theft.

Now is the time to invest in protecting your customers and securing data. Choose to protect your customers through your brand, while building their loyalty. Enfortra provides you peace of mind, by actively monitoring the light and dark web and providing custom alerts of suspicious activity. We help you keep your customers safe.

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