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DoorDash Data Breach

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Data Protection is Vital for Customer Trust and Loyalty

It now seems like it may be easier to track the sites and apps who haven't experienced a major data breach than keep track of those who have. DoorDash is just the latest in a long line of companies that have experienced a serious security breach, and they surely won't be the last. DoorDash employees and merchants were also affected, making the breach wide-reaching and creating a lot of headaches for both clients and folks within the firm. It is unclear how many customers DoorDash will lose due to this latest security mishap, but it is certain that many will second guess using the delivery service in the future.

Consumers are Losing Confidence in the Companies They Want to Rely On

Delivery apps are just one service that consumers rely on to make their day-to-day lives easier and more efficient. However, as more of these firms fall victim to security breaches, it only makes sense that customers will start considering alternatives. Consumers are frequently encouraged to take it upon themselves to enlist data protection services that monitor their credit reports and check if their personal information is for sale on the dark web. Yes, it makes sense for everyone to take proactive measures to protect themselves, but it is also valid to expect security from the companies they use throughout their lives. Enhanced security at the company level presents an ideal way for your business to position itself ahead of the pack and increase market share.

Protect Your Customers’ Data and Identities

A comprehensive business solution allows you to counter identity theft and also provides you with the ability to recognize any breaches immediately, not five months down the line. It's not just clients that are affected, but staff, vendors, and partners are also at risk. If you want to avoid a serious breach like the one DoorDash has experienced, it's time to take proactive measures. Expecting your customers to protect themselves from security shortfalls without any support from your end could drive them to other providers. It makes sense to bolster your security protocols in a proactive manner. Doesn’t it also make sense to provide your clients access to the best Identity Theft solution available?

Enfortra is Here to Help

We are serious about data protection and believe that the firms who provide their customers with an Business Identity Theft and Private Label Credit Monitoring solution will stand apart. Our white label solutions will position you as being serious about your protection and your customers. When you partner with Enfortra, you can rely on a closed-system where you have complete operational control. It's time to let your customers know that you take their privacy seriously. Contact our team today for a free demo, and let's start talking about the Identity Theft Business Solutions that are right for your enterprise.

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