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Almost 12 Million Patient Records Exposed in Quest Diagnostics Breach

Your medical records contain a great deal of confidential financial, personal, and health-related information. You have no choice but to trust that medical providers who need that information will take the necessary steps to protect your data. Unfortunately, that trust can be violated.

Many companies have access to your medical records, way beyond your doctors' offices. A recent breach targeted the website of a company that does bill collecting for a contractor for a testing lab. Every time another company stores your data, it provides another opportunity for identity thieves to break in and steal your information.

On June 3, 2019, Quest Diagnostics, one of the leading providers of medical laboratory testing and a Fortune 500 company, filed a report with the SEC of a massive data breach that exposed the confidential information of 11.9 million patients.

The breach occurred on the website of American Medical Collections Agency (AMCA), a company that did billing collections for Quest through a contractor. AMCA reported the breach to Quest in May 2019. According to AMCA, an unauthorized person had access to the medical records from August 1, 2018, to March 30, 2019. That means the information was apparently exposed to hackers for eight months before anyone realized what was happening.

The data that was breached was exactly the sort of information that identity thieves seek. It included patients' Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and medical information.

As of early June, details remained murky. Quest stated in its SEC filing that it hadn't yet been able to verify the information from AMCA.

This isn't the first time that Quest data has been breached. In 2016, hackers stole information from 34,000 patients.

Identity Protection Fills a Critical Need

Massive data breaches like the one affecting Quest show that information theft is a problem for everyone. We are all vulnerable to these large-scale hacks.

When people's information gets stolen through no fault of their own, they can feel frustrated and powerless. Enfortra’s partners empower their clients, members and employees by providing the necessary tools to monitor and protect their information and their credit.

The need for protection against identity theft has never been more urgent than it is now. This provides an opportunity for financial institutions and other businesses to enhance their brands by providing much-needed help to their customers.

Enfortra’s suite of white label identity monitoring solutions contains an easily customized choice of tools that your customers can use to protect their identities and monitor their credit. It all goes out under your brand, creating good will for your institution and increasing customer loyalty and retention.

Easy-to-Use White Label Identity Monitoring Gives Your Customers Peace of Mind

Your customers will appreciate how easy it is to use Enfortra's platform to manage their information and keep it safe. Your organization will appreciate Enfortra's flexibility and comprehensive array of services, while building trust with your customers. See for yourself why Enfortra is the best choice for Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring Solutions.

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