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Explosion in Healthcare Data Breaches

Explosion in Healthcare Data Breaches

There has been an explosion recently in the theft or exposure of healthcare data. In addition to the breach of extremely sensitive personal medical information, these attacks or errors exposed huge amounts of insurance and financial information.

Healthcare data breaches are shocking. People have gotten used to being careful with their banking and credit card information, but many people trust the healthcare system to safeguard their personal information. That trust, unfortunately, has been misplaced.

These are just a few of the recent breaches of healthcare data systems:

Blue Cross Patient Data Exposed for Three Months

An employee uploaded a file onto a public website where anyone could see it. The file contained personal information for more than 16,000 Blue Cross members, including names, birth dates, and treatment information that criminals could use for medical fraud. The information remained on the public site for three months until Blue Cross discovered it was there. Blue Cross did not disclose whether the employee made a mistake or uploaded the file on purpose.

1.4 Million Health System Records Breached in Phishing Attack

A huge data breach occurred when UnityPoint Health was targeted by a phishing attack. Hackers sent out a series of emails that were meant to look as if they were coming from a UnityPoint executive. An employee fell for the ruse and gave the hackers access to the UnityPoint system, which allowed the hackers to breach 1.4 million patient records. What's incredible about this story is that only three months earlier, there had been another phishing attack that breached the company's system, and yet the company remained vulnerable to this second, larger attack.

Data for Half a Million Patients Exposed for More Than a Year

LifeBridge Health, the umbrella organization for more than a dozen major hospitals and care centers in Baltimore, discovered that malware had infected the server containing patient registration and billing information. Unfortunately, by the time the malware was discovered, hackers had already had access to the information for more than a year. Records for more than 500,000 patients were breached, including medical and treatment information, birth dates, insurance information, and, in some cases, Social Security numbers.

How Private Label Identity Protection Can SafeGuard Your Customer's Information

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