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Identity Theft Continues to Evolve

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Avoid your customers becoming the victim. Provide the solution.

Identity thieves are consistently upgrading their techniques - studying new technology and methods that create success for them and a nightmare for your customers. Adding to the risk, most consumers use their credit cards for both convenience and to reap rewards opening the door for risk to lurk in.

An often overlooked issue with stolen identities is the impact it can have on a consumer’s credit rating. For example, let’s say a theft takes a loan out in a consumer’s name, with an obvious lack of attempt for payback. Racking up debt for the targeted consumer will obviously create a nosedive for their credit score. But even the hard pulls of the consumer’s credit report will have an adverse impact.

Why wait for your customers to become a victim? Rather, be the solution. Many consumers work diligently to build and maintain strong credit scores, keeping their debt low and paying bills on time. There are several actions your customers can take to protect their identity and credit rating.

Protecting your customer’s identity.

Protecting one’s identity does not mean swiping your credit card nervously, assuming potential risk. Rather, it means exercising solid judgement and caution when shopping in stores and online.

85% of consumers say they prefer to shop online. With the ease of online shopping, this is easy to understand. But there are several key steps that will help prevent identity theft:

Consumers should clear their logins and passwords in the browser history, especially when using a public computer. Change login and passwords monthly.

Pay for online purchases with your credit card, rather than your debit card (which is tied directly to your bank account). Many credit card companies have strong federal guarantees.

Be an alert shopper and aware of online phishing or pop scams. Consumers should have knowledge of the sites they are shopping prior to divulging any personal information.

Monitor bank statements and credit report often.

Be in the know. Consumers should check their credit report to validate activity and look for any red flags of fraud or theft. If a consumer finds themselves a victim, notify and file a dispute with the credit bureaus (along with a police report) immediately.

Instead of tossing those bank statements, review them and shred! Personal financial information, and especially account numbers and balances, should never be tossed in the garbage.

Peace of mind.

In a world where your customer’s identity can be stolen in less than 10 seconds, Enforta can help you provide your customers peace of mind. Offering credit monitoring and identity theft protection under your brand is not only an added benefit for your customers, providing them and their families peace of mind, but helps reinforce the value of their relationship with you.

Enfortra is here to help you provide these solutions to your customers before a problem even occurs - keeping your customers and their families safe from identity theft.

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