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Macy's Data Breach Shows the Value of Providing Identity Protection

The reports of data breaches just keep on coming. Now, shoppers registered at the online stores for Macy's and Bloomingdales have to worry about their personal data getting into the wrong hands. Hackers got into the accounts of thousands of people registered at two shopping sites that Macy's operates, and The cyberattacks went on for six weeks in April and June 2018, until they were finally stopped. Meanwhile, the thieves were able to access names, credit card numbers, and credit card expiration dates. The breach of private data of Macy's customers was just the latest in a series of recent breaches of consumer data. Earlier this year, the sneaker and clothing company, Adidas, announced a breach that may have affected millions of its customers. Other recent data attacks targeted Sears, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, Under Armour, Kmart, and Whole Foods. The recent breach of Macy's customer data is one more sign, in a long series of signals, that consumers are far too vulnerable to hackers. Stolen data can be used for identity theft, which causes tremendous problems for the victims.

Safeguard Your Clientele With Enfortra’s White Label Identity Protection Solution

Small banks, credit unions, and mortgage and real estate companies now have the opportunity to provide the data protection that people want and need, while building client, member, and employee loyalty to their brand.

At Enfortra, we provide comprehensive world-class identity protection systems for our partners, who can offer the service under their own brands and logos. Our partners own all the data that they put into the system; they never have to transfer any data to a third party. Each partner's white label identity protection system can be customized for its needs and for the needs of its employees, clients, and members. Available components include the following:

• Credit bureau monitoring

• Credit reports, scores, and alerts

• Dark web monitoring

• Immediate fraud alerts

• $1 million identity theft insurance

• New account alert

• And many more options to create a custom fit for your clientele's needs

Create Powerful Branding and Loyalty Opportunity

With each new report of a data breach, people get more worried about the security of their sensitive information. By providing a robust suite of solutions in a branded platform that is easy to use, you can help ease the minds of your members, employees, and clients. By offering this valuable branded service from Enfortra, you will enhance your brand's image and increase customer and employee loyalty, which, in turn, contributes to your bottom line.

Find out how easy it is to create your own branded ID protection system when you partner with Enfortra. Contact us today to request a free demo.

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