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Millions of People Affected by T-Mobile Data Breach

Millions of People Affected by T-Mobile Data Breach

People are worried about the security of their personal and financial information. There are good reasons for their fears. News reports about data breaches are broadcast with alarming frequency. Often those reports involve large, established companies, and the data breaches affect staggering numbers of customers.

The end of August brought news of another breach of a large company's customer database. This time, the company was T-Mobile. The telecommunications giant announced it had discovered that hackers had breached their system and gained access to the personal information of some T-Mobile customers. According to Vice News, data from about 2.3 million T-Mobile customers may have been exposed.

According to a T-Mobile announcement, the information that hackers may have seen consisted of customers' billing and email addresses, account numbers, and phone numbers. It did not include Social Security numbers or financial data. However, Vice News reported that encrypted passwords had also been stolen and that the encryption was a type that could be cracked.

This is actually the second time that the personal information of T-Mobile customers was put at risk. Three years ago, the massive data breach that hit credit reporting agency Experian revealed the personal information in 15 million T-Mobile accounts. The connection between the two companies was that Experian processed T-Mobile's credit applications.

It is no wonder that consumers feel they are losing control over their own information. Companies are not effectively protecting the information that consumers give them. To make things even worse, these companies may share consumer data with other companies, as T-Mobile did with Experian, and the third-party companies may also be vulnerable to hacking.

The widespread fears and frustrations people feel about data breaches makes identity protection a sought-after service. Financial companies that can provide that valuable service to their constituents with a branded identity protection system have a great opportunity to build brand loyalty.

Enfortra provides Private Label Identity Protection that businesses of all sizes can offer to their constituents. You can easily customize the system to suit the needs of your organization and its customers, employees, and members.

Enfortra offers a wide range of data security services to choose from, including White Label Credit Monitoring, alerts, scores, and theft insurance. You select the combination that works best for your company. Each option can be further customized. For example, White Label Credit Monitoring can include various levels of monitoring of credit bureaus, credit cards, banks, phones, emails, and the dark web. Whatever combination and level of services you choose, you will be offering an insurance blanket that all consumers need.

Setting up a Private Label Identity Protection System from Enfortra is easy and provides powerful protection for your users. It's a great business strategy that creates positive associations for your brand every time your customers interact with the system. We would be glad to tell you more about how our White-Label Identity

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