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Recent Data Breaches Reinforce the Need for Protection

Even if you are careful to protect your sensitive, private information, you are still at risk. Companies you may never have heard of are collecting your data and often not safeguarding it properly, leaving it vulnerable to hackers. The situation keeps on getting worse. Recently, a marketing company accidentally exposed the records it had collected on 340 million people, a group that may include every adult in the United States.

Massive Amounts of Private Information Exposed on Internet

The company, an obscure marketing firm called Exactis, created a database containing detailed information on hundreds of millions of people. Information in the database included phone numbers, addresses, birth dates, credit ratings, estimated incomes, and number of children. It even included details such as pet ownership and reading habits.

Unbelievably, the company neglected to put the database behind a firewall. Anyone could access the information on the open internet. Although the records did not contain credit card or social security numbers, there was enough information there for identity thieves and other scammers to do a lot of damage. Did any hackers access the database? No one knows.

Why was Exactis collecting all this information in the first place? The company's purpose was to help its clients reach new customers. It's hardly the only company that does this kind of data mining, and it's not hard to do. Information can be cobbled together from public records and surveys. It can also be bought from other companies that collect information.

Can We Trust Data-Mining Companies With Our Sensitive Data?

Gathering all this information is usually perfectly legal. But can we trust data-mining companies to protect our information? As this recent data breach shows, we can't. Information-gathering companies are not always storing their data properly. Breaches occur when companies that have our information are careless, don't follow recommended security guidelines, or try to cut corners and save money on security. We've seen this happen many times, with Exactis and, before that, with Equifax and other companies.

It's frustrating to know that no matter how hard you try to protect your own sensitive information, some third party can collect your data without you even knowing about it and then let it slip through their fingers into the hands of a hacker or scammer.

If you are an executive or director in a large company, you need to worry not only about protecting your own data but about protecting your clientele as well. Here at Enfortra, we have a solution. Our White Label Identity Protection platform is designed specifically to help financial institutions protect their customers, members, and employees from being harmed by data breaches.

Protection Solution

Identity protection is more important than ever. The increasing risk of data breaches requires new ways to protect identities. At Enfortra, we have rethought the way that identities can be protected and created a system designed to meet today's tough challenges.

Our platform is custom-built for the needs of your organization. It is intuitive and easy to use. It is also private. No one can access it without your permission, and you never have to transfer any of your data to anyone else.

When your customers, members, or employees register with the platform, we protect them by monitoring the internet, including the "dark web," providing customized alerts, deterring hackers, and providing help if a breach is detected.

You have the option of providing the service under your logo and brand. It's an excellent branding opportunity. By protecting your clientele, you are providing a much-needed service that can lead to greater customer satisfaction and employee retention. Request a demo today!

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