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Three Ways White Label Solutions Can Elevate Your Business

With identity theft on the rise, many companies and businesses within the financial district are developing new products and services that help monitor identity theft. A white label solution provides a fully customizable product to your brand by doing all of the heavy lifting for you and allowing you to focus on your business. Of the varied benefits of choosing a private label solution, the following advantages are the most notable: Benefit #1: Expanding Products and Services In the year 2017 alone, there have been a total of 16.7 million victims of fraud. Of all the necessary consumer benefit services out there, identity theft is the most valuable and far-reaching for all individuals. By choosing Enfortra, as your white label solution you instantly acquire a number of services under your belt with minimal changes to your existing core competencies.

You can customize your end-user experience by creating packages with the following products:

· Credit Reports (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax) and Score

· Credit Monitoring (1-Bureau or 3-Bureau, SMART SSN monitoring and loan monitoring)

· Alerts (credit, inquiry and SSN alerts)

· Fraud Recovery Services

· $1 Million Protection

Developing your own solution can incur large amounts of capital, human resources and time. Private label solutions do the work for you. You can utilize your business’s unique branding while streamlining your customer’s experience.

Benefit #2: Strengthen Relationships and Generate Revenue White label solutions allow you to grow your business brand. By offering customizable solutions, you differentiate yourself from your competitors and demonstrate customer loyalty and retention. Customers will remain loyal to brands that watch their backs. The most obvious tangible benefit of private label solutions is, with every new service you offer your customers, you’ll create a new revenue stream for your business. By giving more to your customers you get more in return.

Benefit #3: New Revenue Stream Private label solutions geared towards identity fraud protection and credit monitoring give you the unique opportunity to add a whole new list of services to your brand. Empowering your customers with opportunities to use valuable services will create a new revenue stream for you that will generate retention and engage your clientele. Private label solutions are affordable, and they offer the added benefit of creating your own platform to suit your needs.

White label solutions powered through Enfortra provide all of these benefits and more. Your business will benefit from a new revenue stream, while your customers can take advantage of world-class credit monitoring and identity fraud protection at wholesale prices.


With identity theft continuing to be on the rise, everyone is at risk. Adding white label services to your existing suite of offerings will help you build a more valuable brand.

Partnering with Enfortra will strengthen your brand, increase customer loyalty and retention, and generate recurring revenue.

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